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Local Cattery

If you are looking for outside views and temporary living space for your cat or kitten, then our cattery in Swansea will be the perfect option for your furry friend. Your pet will have the time of their life when they stay with us, as we will provide them with ample room to explore in our safe outdoor run, lots of attention and playtime will be given, and we can accommodate for even the fussiest of felines. So, no matter your requirements we will be able to provide a fantastic, quiet environment so you can enjoy your holiday without any worries.

Your Cats Home From Home

Your cat will have access to excellent facilities that will ensure they are comfortable and have a great time during their stay with us. A scratching post, heated cabins in the winter, fresh blankets daily, and fresh litter are always supplied to your cat. As well as cuddles, grooming, toys, a large spacious outdoor run with a viewing spot, and many more exciting features for your pet to enjoy.

Let us Know Your Pet’s Requirements

We are very flexible when it comes to your pet’s needs and understand that every animal is different. With this in mind, if you have specific dietary needs, medication to be administered, or anything else, just let us know when you book in with us, and we will be more than happy to make sure this is done. Rest assured that your cat will be treated as if they were our own, so they can feel as comfortable with us as they would do at home. So, if you have a holiday coming up, choose us!


When you book in with us, you will need to provide up-to-date proof of vaccinations that will ensure that your cat is safe to stay with us. Your pet should be vaccinated against feline enteritis and influenza (covered in an annual booster).

Book Your Feline in with Faaram Court Boarding Kennels

If you are looking for a luxurious temporary living space for your feline while you are away, choose us for exceptional services in Swansea.

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